Learning Objectives

A 30 minute guide to UAVSAR data for SnowEX

  • overview of UAVSAR data (both InSAR and PolSAR products)

  • demonstrate how to access and transform data

  • use Python rasterio and matplotlib to display the data

uavsar airplane

Intro slide deck:

Lead developer: Jack Tarricone, University of Nevada Reno, Other developers: Franz Meyer, University of Alaska Fairbanks and HP Marshall, Boise State University

# import libraries
import os  # for chdir, getcwd, path.basename, path.exists
import hvplot.xarray
import pandas as pd # for DatetimeIndex 
import rioxarray
import numpy as np #for log10, mean, percentile, power
import rasterio as rio
from rasterio.plot import show # plotting raster data
from rasterio.plot import show_hist #histograms of raster data

import glob # for listing files in tiff conversion function
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # for add_subplot, axis, figure, imshow, legend, plot, set_axis_off, set_data,
                                # set_title, set_xlabel, set_ylabel, set_ylim, subplots, title, twinx