What is Pangeo?

Pangeo is a community of researchers building open, reproducible and scalable scientific software tools. Several of the UW eScience Hackweek organizers are involved in projects with NASA and NSF to build prototype systems to enable data discovery in the era of expanding data volume and complexity.

What is JupyterHub?

We use JupyterHub in an educational setting because it enables us to quickly begin working with code without spending time to get the necessary libraries and dependencies set up on everyone’s individual computers. These slides give a nice overview of what JupyterHub is all about.


Why use AWS?

JupyterHub can run on a laptop, supercomputers, or any Cloud provider! For this snowex-hackweek, we have created virtual computing instances on Amazon Web Services that can be deployed on demand in a parallel computing environment. We’re running in the AWS us-west-2 datacenter because NASA is starting to store data there! There are huge advantages to be gained in moving algorithms to data, rather than downloading.

If you’re new to the Cloud see these NASA resources. Also note that Cloud computing is effectively renting hardware and software, so there is a cost involved. Fortunately for scientists there are straightforward research credit programs to help get started without worrying about costs.