Welcome to SnowEx Hackweek!

snow from iss


SnowEx Hackweek 2021 was offered virtually July 12 - 16 with over 100 participants. The purpose of the event was to foster an environment of collaboration and sharing of NASA SnowEx datasets across teams.

📖 On this JupyterBook website you’ll find 14 tutorials covering topics from microstructure to satellite radar. All tutorials are Jupyter Notebooks, designed to be run interactively, but also rendered on this website for convenience. Tutorial recordings are also available on this UW eScience YouTube Playlist

👩‍💻 Teams worked collaboratively on 7 different projects focused on data cross-validation and software development. Read more about the projects and there results on our projects page

💡 Learn more about hackweeks hosted by the University of Washington eScience Institute, or check out our publication describing the hackweek educational model [Huppenkothen et al., 2018].

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